Slay your dragons before breakfast
One day in a house that I will rightfully call my own I will have a small library and one of the shelves will hold the poetry books that are burning my heart now.
I imagine people walking in and tracing the covers with their fingers
Let them

One day when you and I will be together in this house that will be rightfully yours as it will be mine
You yourself will be tracing my poetry books with your fingers
And my heart will skip a beat as you would pick up one of these poetry books that I bought in 2018
One poetry book a week - the light of my life, and as I walk down the busy road to my empty dark house I hold it close to my chest.

Now, when I sit on my bed in this dark tiny room on the outskirts of London so far away from you
I imagine these books in your hands
I trace the cover with my finger
Tilt my head and think
oh, how precious is the memory of the future where you are holding this very book in your hands

but for now
I breathe in
and turn the page
time travel exists I swear